A Letter from

Ellen Vargyas

General Counsel, American Legacy Foundation

In the early eighties I was a young (former legal services) lawyer working at the National Legal Aid and Defender Association here in DC. I was involved in the effort to protect the Legal Services Corporation from the Reagan administration's efforts to defund or, at least, seriously weaken it. I was quoted in a Washington Post story on the subject. A few days later I picked up my phone and there was Mr. Shriver, asking what he could do. I had never met him, let alone worked with him. But he had seen my quote and even though he hadn't been involved with legal services for some time, he wanted to make one more contribution to the program he had been so instrumental in launching. And he did. He rolled up his sleeves and was truly helpful. To say nothing of the thrill he gave to me.

He is very much in my thoughts and prayers.