A Letter from

Vincent F. Doran

Founder, Global Employment and Training, LLC

One of my personal highlights was meeting Mr. Shiver with my son. I attempted to explain to my son the impact Sarg had on the world -- it was hopeless as even I can't fathom the number of people who have been directly or indirectly impacted by his commitment to his fellow man. I do know that wherever I have traveled in the world, and I've been blest to visit over 130 countries, the name of Sargent Shiver is well known. I was in China a number of years ago visiting a number of programs for the disabled and, not surprisingly, was asked by one of the teachers about Mr. Shriver. 

As a teenager in the 60s I can tell you that Sarge had a everlasting impact on my life. I was fatherless and attending an intercity high school during the season of riots and discourse. Yet I remember seeing Sarg on TV being calm and sensible -- and it was at that time I decided to attempt to make a difference, in my own small way, in the lives of those who didn't have much hope. I became an intercity teacher, a Job Corps teacher, and eventually worked my way to a position that permitted me to work with over 2.5 million individuals annually. And while working directly or through my team I never lost sight of the vision of Sargent Shiver. I can assure you, there are millions upon millions of people who have a much better life because of the life he led. Please be comforted by the fact that his spirit will be reflected in those he touched and their childrens' children for eternity. 

In peace,

Vincent F. Doran