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A Transformation of Consciousness

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute | 01/01/2018 5:21AM | Quote of the Week | Leadership

A Transformation of Consciousness

A Transformation of Consciousness

Happy new year, friends! Today's quote is fitting as we move into 2018. Sargent Shriver spoke these words during his Address at the Women's Leadership Conference Luncheon. The year was 1975, and he was campaigning to be the Democratic presidential candidate. Sarge's focus in the speech is on equality and respect between women and men, an issue that took center-stage in 2017 beginning with the Women's March in January and continuing throughout the year as we confronted the issue of violence against women with the #metoo campaign. However, the point Sarge makes in this particular quote applies to all of the issues close to his heart: to bring about any significant and sustained progress, we must transform how we think. We need to be more open than constrained, more resourceful than complacent, more focused on solutions than on problems. Sargent Shriver embodied this openness and a capacity for embracing change, and as a result, he proved to be one of the great changemakers of his generation.

With a new year come resolutions. In 2018, we resolve to remain more open and to be more creative in how we deal with each other, so that we may work more effectively to fulfill Sarge's vision for equality and justice in the world. Share this post to join us.

Wishing you a transformative 2018.

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