Jul 10

"Living Life as it Ought to be Lived"

by Sargent Shriver Peace Institute | 07/10/2017 1:08PM | Quote of the Week | Peacebuilding

Living Life as it Ought to be Lived

Living Life as it Ought to be Lived

Our Quote of the Week communicates a simple message that can be difficult to put into action: that to live our best life, we should act in a way that is consistent with our principles. For Sargent Shriver, those principles included the notion that all human beings were worthy of dignity, justice, freedom and independence; and the belief that by being open and serving others, we all have the ability to make the world a more peaceful place. It is fitting that Sargent Shriver would express this thought because we believe that he himself spoke and acted in way that was consistent with his ideals. With his work on the Peace Corps, the War on Poverty, as US ambassador to France, and beyond, he showed endless energy, enthusiasm and commitment in pursuit of those ideals.

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