A Letter from

Richard C. Levin

President, Yale University, 1993-2013

Dear Tim:

I write with great sadness following the death of your father yesterday. Your father was an exceptional leader, inspiring the world with his efforts toward peace and resolution of racial and religious conflict, and with his defense of those affected by poverty and intellectual disabilities. 

Sarge was proud of his strong bond with the University -- and Yale is proud of him. As undergraduate, Chairman of the Yale Daily News, Law School student, honorary degree recipient (a distinction your mother also held), Class Day speaker, and as father and grandfather of Yale students, Sarge set the bar high. We expect his legacy of public service and leadership to continue at the University for many generations to come. 

On behalf of the entire Yale community, Jane and I send condolences to you and your family. 

Sincerely yours, 

Richard C. Levin
Yale University