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Inspiring Action

During his life, Sarge's words inspired people to action and called for peace. Read and search all of his speeches and public appearances.

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Sarge w/ JFK

Sarge's Legacy

Living through one of the most turbulent times in American history, Sarge's work touched the lives of millions of people. Through his work he helped lift up those among us giving them hope and opportunity.

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Sarge's Work

Sarge's peacebuilding methodology is still shaping our world today. Through the five components of his method, people and communities are striving to build a more just society.

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Shriver Walking With Children In Israel

About SSPI

Launched in 2006, the Sargent Shriver Peace Institute has sought to carry on Sarge's work by increasing awareness of his life and teaching his peacebuilding methods to help others respond to the challenges facing our society.

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Saints In Our Midst

America Magazine, "In January of 2011, Sargent Shriver died after a long and good life of extraordinary service, courage and faith. I believe he was a saint in our midst..."

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50 years

1964 2014

The War on Poverty Celebrates 50th Anniversary

On February 1, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson tapped Sargent Shriver to design and lead the United States in an “unconditional war on poverty.” If you were faced with this towering challenge, what would you do? Explore what Sarge said and did, and the values that guided the decisions he made.

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“I can think of no American alive today who has touched more lives for the better than Sargent Shriver. Reel off the names of the organizations he inspired, led, or created and you have a sense of his multiplying legacy.” Bill Moyers, 2004.

Sarge's Legacy


Sargent Shriver’s historical legacy combines a spiritually grounded idealism with deft political realism and a gift for public administration and social innovation that is alive today. Explore the methodological keys to Shriver’s pursuit of human development, dignity, and peace.

Sarge's Method


The efforts of the SSPI are dedicated to commemorating Sarge’s legacy, as well as to creatively applying the principles that guided Shriver’s work (empathy, respect, service, sacrifice and humility) to contemporary peacebuilding endeavors.

About SSPI

Poverty is like an iceberg in that it makes us cold and impersonal. It freezes our hearts. It frightens us. We turn away from people suffering from poverty.

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In this intimate portrait of an extraordinary father-son relationship, Mark K. Shriver discovers the moral principles that guided his legendary father, and applies them to his own life.

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This exhaustively researched, authorized biography depicts Shriver’s connection to the historical events of the last century—the Great Depression, World War II, JFK’s assassination, the Cold War, and many more. Sarge gives us a complete account of Shriver’s life, as well as thoughtful commentary on the Kennedy family, the Peace Corps, and United States and world history.

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Peace Corps, VISTA, Community Action, Head Start, Legal Services for the Poor, Youth Corps, Job Corps, ... Sargent Shriver invented a string of social initiatives that shaped an era and dared millions of young Americans to live out their ideals.

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